Historical LandmarkBeyazit Mosque (Beyazit Camii)

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Built from 1500 to 1505 under , the is one of the oldest in Istanbul. It is located next to University and the in the center of a large 16th-century complex that includes schools and other buildings.

Interior. Photo © Dick Osseman.


Construction on the Beyazit Mosque began in 1501, overseen by architect Yakubsah Bin Sultan. The mosque was built over the ruins of the Forum of Tauri built by the . The pavement of the courtyard and the pillars of the ablutions fountain are reused materials from the Forum.

The Beyazit Mosque was completed in 1506. Sultan Beyazit II died in 1512 and was buried in the gardens with his family.

What to See

The mosque’s architecture is inspired by the Byzantine Ayasofya, with a central dome, semi-domes, and a central prayer area with galleries. The dome is 16.78 meters in diameter (the ’s is 31m). Other elements were inspired by the Fatih Mosque, such as the buttresses and columns alongside the dome.

The mosque was once at the center of a large complex, including a school (medrese), kitchen, caravanserai, hamam, and soup kitchen for the poor. The soup kitchen and caravanserai, on the left of the mosque, now house the Beyazit State Library, while the former medrese houses a school of calligraphy.

Quick Facts

Type of site: Mosque
Dates: 1501-06
Architecture: Ottoman
Status: Active
Architect: Yakubsah Bin Sultan
Location: Yeniçeriler Cad., across from Beyazit tramway stop
Coordinates: 41.011° N, 28.965° E
Phone: No phone
Hours: Dawn-dusk
Cost: Free




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