Büryan Kebap

July 1st, 2012  |  This Post Is Published in Food, Istanbul Top 30 Tourist Attractions


Siirt Seref Buryan Kebap Salonu

Siirt Şeref Büryan Kebap Salonu

Kadinlar Pazari, a pleasant, pedestrianised square in the Fatih neighbourhood, is the closest Istanbul has to a “little Kurdistan”. This superb restaurant specialises in büryan kebab; a kind of Turkish version of the Texas pit barbecue. A side of a small lamb is slowly cooked over coals in a deep hole in the ground, resulting in exceptionally tender meat covered in a thin layer of crackling, crunchy fat.

Be sure to also try the perde pilavi, a fragrant peppery pilaf made of rice, chicken, almonds and currants wrapped in a thin pastry shell and baked until the exterior turns golden and flaky. And their homemade ayran.
• Itfaiye Caddesi 4, Fatih, +90 212 635 8085, , mains TL10 (£4). Open 10am-11pm daily




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