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iconIstanbul Top 30 Tourist Attractions      (Map Version)

The Whereist Top 30 Attractions on Whereist. Admittedly difficult list to make however there’s a high chance they wouldn’t fail.

iconActivities (Map Version)

These are the activities you would enjoy doing in İstanbul. Smoking hookah (yes… it’s an activity.) or touring the Bosphorus and such.

iconArt & Cultural      (Map Version)

Artistic and cultural attractions such as museums, galleries and music performances.

iconBars & Drinks      (Map Version)

Bars and drinks. Easy to find everywhere but there are some nice ones. I especially suggest the ones that are also in the Bosphorus View category.

iconBeaches      (map)

Istanbul gets really hot in the summer so we jump in one of the beaches you see on this list.

iconBosphorus View      (map)

Bosphorus View is the definitive real estate term for istanbul. So its no surprise that cafe’s and bars that views the dynamic waters of bosphorus are cream of the crop.

iconBosphorus      (map)

Sounds like the Bosphorus View category but it’s not. These are cafe’s and restaurants that are directly on the bosphorus shore.

iconClubs & Bars      (map)

Clubs are mostly around Beyoglu – Taksim area and this map will help you locate all of them.

iconFood      (map)

Food is big in Turkey. From Van breakfast to Blacksea Cuisine Dinner this category will help you find good food.

iconHistorical Landmark      (map)

Historical landmarks are on every corner. Check this map to see what’s around you.

iconCultural & Museums      (map)

Museums and cultural attractions.

iconScenic & Parks & Sightseeing      (map)

Throw yourself in a park to relax in istanbul.

iconShopping      (Map Version)

Authentic shopping is difficult but check this map for stores and producers that you should not miss.

iconTours      (Map Version)

Tours of some neighbourhoods are part of these points.

iconWhereist – Turkish Hamams      (Map Version)

The hamam is our favorite activity in Istanbul so we have a dedicated category for it.