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In Germany, in 1933, due to increased pressure by the Hitler regime, especially on the Jewish people, in order to isolate them from society, the process of escaping from Germany began. The first stop, especially for the academical refugees, was The Society for Assistance to German Scientists Abroad in Zurich which was led by Prof. Dr. Philipp Schwartz. Because of the hospitality displayed by the Turkish institutions “mass immigration” of German academicians occurred. Thus, Istanbul University became “the greatest and the best German university”. This experience turned out to be successful by employing the help of students, assistants and voluntary translators who helped overcome the problem of language.

When a University Reform was made in Turkey the same year in August, many worthy and famous scientists of German origin taking refuge in Switzerland came to Istanbul, in October, upon the invitation of President Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK and became members of various faculties of Istanbul University. While Ord. Prof. Dr. Alfred HEILBRONN gave lectures in the Pharmacobotany and Genetics Institute in the newly built Biology Building in Süleymaniye, which was called Biology Institutes at that time, together with his colleague and friend in destiny Ord. Prof. Dr. Leo BRAUNER he worked on the establishment of the most modern Botanical Garden in Turkey after the declaration of the Republic.

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