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Mihrimah Sultan Turkish


It is reported that Sultan Suleyman, the Kanuni, had constructed two large mosques and education complexes, one in Uskudar and one in Edirnekapi, ­ naming them after his daughter, Mihrimah Sultan, born to Hurrem Sultan. The interesting thing related to those historical works is that, while the sun is rising behind one minaret of the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque in Edirnekapi, the moon emerges between the two minarets of the mosque in Uskudar. Mihrimah is a Persian word, meaning “sun and moon”


The historical Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, located in Edirnekapi, as a part of the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque Education Complex, was, according to historical literature, built between 1562 and 1565 in the form of a double , according to a design which was common in the classical period. The Mihrimah Sultan has a significant role in culture.









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