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It will be interesting to try the district “Pazar”s for your shopping. They provide a great deal of economy for your budget while they may be amusing. As we have mentioned before there is certainly a Pazar set once a week near your district. Pazar’s usually begin to be set at 9:00 and shopping is available until dark. You can have the freshest of all kinds of . Recently clothing, for the every corner of your house (bath, kitchen, living room, bedroom etc.) are being sold at very reasonable prices at Pazars besides food. Don’t get surprised when you see brands as Valentino, Paul and Shark, Polo, Ralph Lauren or Lacoste; they are all phony, anyhow it is obvious when you see the price. Let’s remind they are quite qualified and no one can easily understand the difference but keep in mind that no imitation can replace the original.

The most famous Pazars are;

  • Salı Pazarı of Kadıköy (on Tuesdays, Salı means Tuesday),
  • Çarşamba Pazarı of and Yeşilköy (on , Çarşamba means Wednesday), and
  • Cumartesi Pazarı of Beşiktaş and Bakırköy on , (Cumartesi means Saturday).

By the way you have already learned the days of the week without even spending slightest effort.

Let us remind you that since these pazars are very crowded take good care of your purse. There are intercity tours from the neighbor towns to Salı Pazarı of Kadıköy (from Izmit, Bursa, Balikesir the intercity busses carry to Salı Pazarı and therefore they have a nice and amusing day.) Your Kapıcı exactly knows where and when the nearest Pazar is being set near your house. If you have a problem on this matter staff will try to help you.

Sabit Pazar
On many districts there are Sabit Pazars belonging to the Municipalities. These are small, covered streets having shops such as Manav, delicatessen, spirits and cigarettes, , , and there are several counters at which fish, chicken and eggs are sold. They are a little bit more expensive than the weekly set “Pazar”s but cheaper than the markets. They are closed once a month, for example every first Tuesday of the month. Of course these days are different for every district. Don’t be surprised by the number of cats you will see at these pazars, every Pazar has a registered population of cats since the food sold are very attractive to them!


Open air Markets in Istanbul.
Istanbul is the city that has full of open air markets. These markets are opened daily in the residencial areas of the city in spesifi dates under the control of municipality.

These open air markets called ” Pazar ” are the main places that the locals go for shopping.
the prices there are more reasonable comparing to the big shopping markets and the food comes very fresh. In addition to the food locals people ” especially ladies “can find different clothes with economic prices between 10 – 40 YTL.

The oldest Markets in istanbul are; Spice market & Grand Bazar.

The Spice Bazaar, Mısır Çarşısı, Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey is one of the oldest bazaars in the city. Located in Eminönü, it is the second largest covered shopping complex after the Grand Bazaar. There are different accounts regarding the origin of the name of the bazaar. Various spices from the Orient were offered here in the past, Egyptian Bazaar was so named because the spices used to be imported from Egypt. On the other hand, in the Byzantine period, the site of the Spice Bazaar was the centre of corn trade.


The Spice Bazaar was designed by the chief court architect Koca Kasım Ağa, but completed by architect Mustafa in 1660.

In today’s istanbul; locals still use this two historic markets. In addition to that everyday in istanbul as we mentioned before you can see different open Market’s for each day. Some of them are ;

**Sali Pazari in Kadikoy ” Every Tuesday ”
** Sali Pazari in Sehremini ” Every Tuesday ”
** Carsamba Pazari in Fatih ” Every Wednesday ”
** Persembe Pazari in Ulus ( More Luxury ) ” Every Thursday ”
** Cuma Pazari in Findikzade ( most recommended ) ” Every Friday ”
** Cumartesi Pazari in Besiktas. ” Every Saturday ”

Idea : This is a speical tour that runs half day and upon special request. The tour starts first with meeting in Sultanahmet in our Gallery to warm up and give you the general overview. After that our staff will take you to the classical Spice market located in the sirkeci area. After going out of the Spice Market we will take you to the open air market just next to the Eminonu. After this visit; according to the day ( note that everyday in istanbul has different open markets in different locations. ) According to the chart above;
we will take you to the lovely open air markets for a visit. During this visit you will be inside the locals and see the part of the daily lifes of the people living in the city.


Weekly Bazaars

Big and sterile shopping malls, online shopping, chic attractive stores lined up on both sides of the avenues… None of them can compete with weekly neighborhood Bazaars for Turks!

Bazaars are set up in almost every district on different days of the week. In addition to fresh vegetables and fruit, clothing, decorative accessories, antiques, stationery and many other things are sold at very reasonable prices. The Bazaars are open from 09:00 until dark. Recently, many stands have started to offer credit card facilities, which also increase interest in Bazaars.

The daily Hürriyet paper has formed a jury composed of celebrities who enjoy Bazaars, consumer columnists and representatives of consumer advocacy associations, and selected the best Bazaars in Turkey.

Kadıköy Salı Pazarı
Salı Pazarı was moved to Fikirtepe/Hasanpaşa in December 2008. This bazaar is set in an area of 39,000 on Tuesdays with 1900 stands. You can find anything at this Bazaar: famous brand textile products, shoes, food, artificial flowers, vitamins from the USA, carpets, white appliances, electronic products, domestic and foreign glassware, china and many more. Some have portable changing rooms and provide credit card facilities. Tours are organized from neighboring cities. There are  WCs and a kahve (coffee house), which is reserved for women on Tuesdays. Also gözleme and ayran stands are at the service of visitors.

Ulus Perşembe Pazarı
Not available anymore! Also called “High-Society Bazaar” among Istanbulites, it is famous for brand textile products, all of which are certainly fake. The Bazaar used to be held across from Akmerkez on Thursdays, but now it has moved to its new place behind the Dr. Aykut Park in Ulus; transportation still is provided from in front of Akmerkez. There are two portable WCs and two changing booths. The Bazaar holds 800 stands. Unfortunately, it is located on an uphill road and has no parking lot. Most stands accept credit cards.

Beşiktaş Cumartesi Pazarı
It is held on Saturdays on Nüzhetiye Caddesi just across from Ihlamur Pavilion and on the streets opening to the avenue. There are 400 stands mostly covering clothing, shoes, home textiles etc. The prices are reasonable and you can use credit cards at some stands. You can rest at the benches in the entrance and there is a place where you can eat gözleme.

Alaçatı Antika Pazarı
The Alaçatı Antiques Bazaar is located in Çeşme, Izmir together with an open market (halk pazarı) on an alley 1.5 km long. There is food and clothing from nearby villages. The inhabitants of İzmir boast “It is the only open market with an antique market in it. Besides antique goods this market offers plants, fish and even meat. “Antique dealers come from Izmir, Ankara, Bursa and the Greek Islands. They say you can find anything from cufflinks to suspending ceilings.

Bolu KöylüPazarı (Bolu villager market)
The market is held in the İhsaniye district of Downtown Bolu every Monday. About 600 villagers sell their products in a 1000 area. The vendors are mostly women and the products they sell, such as vegetables, fruits and dairy, are all their own production and are grown naturally. Traditional tarhana (a dried foodstuff made chiefly from curds and flour used for making soup), erişte (noodles), butter, pekmez (grape molasses), tomato paste, dried fruits and village bread attract attention. We suggest you carry some change in your purse.

Yeşilköy Çarşamba Pazarı
It is set at Yeşilköy Çırpıcı, Istanbul in an area of 12000 There are 640 vendors with 2019 stands. Tours to the market are organized from neighboring cities on Wednesdays. It does not disturb the environment, since it is not located among the main streets – it is located at a walking distance for Yeşilköy inhabitants. There are toilets and a car parking lot. Food, clothing and glassware stands are set in different places. You can find anything from T-shirts to TVs and imported products.

Fatih Çarşamba Pazarı
The biggest Bazaar in Istanbul; Fatih pazarı is held on Wednesdays on seven avenues and seventeen streets. The number of vendors is 1297 and there are 4811 stands. Moreover, about 2500 peddlers sell their goods at this market. It is very crowded and you can find anything from vegetables to clothing, from flowers to porcelain. The market hosts customers who come from neighboring cities. Products from Bolu, Kastamonu and Thrace are also on display. Some vendors accept credit cards. Most stands selling clothing have changing booths. There are four mosques around the market whose WCs you can use. However, parking is a problem. It is open from 05:00 to 21:00. Sixteen big garbage trucks are in service to clean the market area afterwards.

Bodrum Mazı KöylüPazarı
This is the only villager bazaar on the Bodrum peninsula and is held at two locations: Aşağı Mazı and Yukarı Mazı in the Mumcular area. The distance between the two villages is 4 kilometers. There are 80 stands at Yukarı Mazı, while there are 60 stands at Aşağı Mazı. The salesmen from Bodrum, Milas, Yatağan and nearby villages bring fruits, vegetables and homemade products to sell. The Bazaar is 55 km. away from the Bodrum city center, however there are dolmuşes taking off every two hours. Handmade cloths, and carpets and kilims hand-woven in Bozalan, Mumcular and Türkevleri villages are also available. Since the fresh fruit and vegetables run out at noon, it is wise to visit the Bazar earlier.

Güzelyalı (Üçkuyular) Pazarı
Güzelyalı Pazarı is one of the oldest bazaars in Izmir and is held on Wednesdays and Sundays. It is referred to as “Üçkuyular Meydanı” (the square at which it is held) among the inhabitants of İzmir. Besides fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, fish, clothes, glassware are also available at 200 stands. Villagers from Çeşme, Urla and Karaburun also choose this bazaar to sell their products; however they usually come only on Wednesdays. Various herbs of the Aegean region are available in spring and fall.

Aşağı Ayrancı Pazarı
Aşağı Ayrancı Pazarı in Ankara is set on Dikmen Caddesi and is called “the high-society bazaar”. There is a wide range of products and the women almost “attack” this Pazar. It is open from 05:00 to 21:00.



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