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A private \’ cooperative named  operates frequent Bosphorus in , starting from the Eminönü on the of the at the mouth of the .

TurYol depart more frequently than traditional Bosphorus . The 1.5-hour TurYol tour costs YTL5, and brings you right back to the Galata Bridge. (The traditional ferry makes several dock stops along its route, and takes 6 hours for the round-trip voyage.

Here is the normal TurYol schedule of summer (subject to change!)

TurYol\’s boats are more modern than the , and TurYol captains say “We stay close to the shore so you can see things better.”

Some people prefer the traditional ferries because of their history. I like both types of boats.

To take a TurYol cruise, go to Eminönü, make your way to the west (inland) side of the Galata Bridge on the of the Golden Horn, and look for the cluster of TurYol boats, as well as the shown in the photos on the right side of this page. More…

Eminönü Iskelesi means “Eminönü Dock.”

Bogaz ve Adalar means  Bosphorus  &;  Islands.”




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